Why Should I Buy a Lasita Log Cabin?

Buying a log cabin is has many advantages. Firstly whoever you buy your cabin from, it is the most inexpensive way to add space to your home. With our cabins the material is 100% natural, 100% recyclable and does not pollute the environment in the manufacturing process. The natural look of the cabins makes them suitable for your garden. A log cabin can serve multiple functions. Within our design range there are sheds, home offices, pavillions, summer cottages, art studios, and bespoke living houses, which are cool in the summer and warm during winter.


Ten Reasons to Choose Us

  • Sustainable sourced timber
  • Professional Teams
  • Eco-friendly material & production
  • Over 250 designs which are constantly updated
  • Bespoke cabins – we will design a cabin exactly according to your wishes
  • Best quality to price relationship
  • Short delivery times
  • Wide range of cabin designs for many different uses already in stock in the UK
  • One of the largest, most modern and best equipped factories in Europe
  • Our cabins are quick and easy to assemble


Timber Quality

We have chosen Scandinavian spruce as our principal timber material, due to its reliability, longevity, structural strength, and the aesthetically pleasing look it gives to our cabins. Our timber is produced in a much colder climate, which means it grows slower, and thus has less knots in it. It is closer grained and the wood is heavier, as opposed to more open grained wood which tends to twist or warp.

It is harvested from FSC-certified responsibly managed forests and processed according to FSC Chain of Custody standards to combine responsible production and consumption, enabling the consumer to make socially and environmentally conscious purchasing decisions.


Treating Your Cabin

It is important that your cabin is preserved immediately after construction in order to ensure its longevity. Always use a good wood preservative such as Sadolin Superdeck and make sure that you apply at least 2 or 3 coats both internally and externally.


Five Year Warranty

We are proud to offer a dependant on the building between a 2 and 5-year warranty on all our cabins, subject to general sales terms and conditions.


Do I need planning permission for a log cabin or garden building?

The following advice may make planning permission unnecessary and most of our UK models are designed to avoid the need, but we strongly recommend that all our end customers seek written approval from their local development control officer before starting construction.

You must bear in mind that in some areas there are more restrictions than others. These are generally termed as designated areas, permitted development rights are more restricted. If you live in a Conservation Area, a National Park, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or the Norfolk or Suffolk Broads, you will need to apply for planning permission for certain types of work which do not need an application in other areas.

The log cabin must be less than 4m high with a pitched roof or 3m with a flat roof.

If the floor area of the building is less than 15 square metres , it can be sited close to a boundary. (We recommend that at least a half metre gap to allow for painting or maintenance of both your boundary and cabin.

If the floor area of the building is  between 15 and 30 square metres there should be at least 1 metre to any boundary to comply with building regulations.
The log cabin should take up less than 50% of the garden surrounding the house. Less than 30% in Scotland.
We suggest you contact your local development control officer. It is likely they will ask you to submit a plan indicating where and what you intend to build.

Your council should not apply any fees for this type of enquiry as this is not a formal planning application.


Information to include with your submission:

  • floor dimensions of your log cabin.
  • a picture and drawings of your proposed structure.
  • a photograph of your garden
  • floor and height dimensions of your log cabin
  • a site plan
  • an accurate dimensioned plan of your site showing cabin orientation, your home and clearly marked boundaries. This should be to scale 1:100.

It is advisable to point out in your accompanying letter that your cabin is 5m from your home (if resident in Scotland), less than 15sqm if you propose to place it close to a boundary, less than 4m high with a pitched roof, and less than 50% (or 30% for Scotland) of the garden area. All this will demonstrate your familiarity with planning rules.

Councils vary in quickness of response to this type of enquiry, but it is normally fairly quick. One week or so.

We would also recommend that you speak with you neighbours just to advise them of your intent to construct you garden building, this can save any offence being caused, and often avoids later issues. All this may seem like a time consuming process but obtaining approval from the council secures peace of mind and ensures that if you sell your property in the future you can furnish your buyer’s solicitor with written approval from development control.

For further and more detailed information regarding building regulations please see the government website: